Saturday, September 1, 2018

Project Log: Warscryer Citadel, Part 7

One final bit of construction for the Warscryer Citadel is the connecting platform that I kitbashed out of the spare pieces from my second citadel kit...

In the previous post, I showed you how I turned the bottom of the tower into the ruined base on the main citadel structure. That left me with the top portion, which are assembled into this short tower. Its doors line up nicely with the ground, so there's no need to build up steps. I use putty to fill the gaps where the tower segments join, and I sculpt a flaming skull over the twin-tailed comet motif on the platform. This iconography matches the work I did on the main citadel tower, and ties in with my army's theme.


On the blank side of the bridge where the steps normally attach, I carve a stone pattern to match the rest of the surface detail. Prior to attaching the top, I clipped off two sets of the "teeth" on the platform. This allows the bridge and stairs to slot into the side of the tower.



They sit at the perfect level to fit snugly and create a step up to the platform.


The stairs from the citadel have an open gap at the back, which I cover with thick styrene plastic card. I carve a stone pattern into it to match the rest of the tower. The rough texture is achieved by placing the card face-down on a piece of concrete and tapping the back with a hammer to create a pock-marked surface. A few bricks are carved in deeper, and others are built up with putty to create more variance in the surface.


To attach the stairs, I cut away one of the skulls on the tower (I'll save that for something else), and then I fill in the resulting cavity with foam core board. another spacer of foam core is added to the back of the stairs.


Both the bridge and the stairs fit perfectly, and I only need to do a little sculpting to cover the gaps with a matching stone texture.


With the footprint of the piece now established, I cut a base out of 1/8-inch hardboard, and I make a connecting section of collapsed bridge.


That section can be placed between the two bridges to extend the distance between them.


To fill the joins, I use Aves Apoxie® Sculpt. The gap at the top of the bridge wall is filled with a section of ruined graveyard wall from my Skull Forge Scenics range.


I need to keep the bridge separate for painting, so I add the putty and then pull it apart once it is nearly cured.


After the putty has fully hardened, I carve the stone shapes into it and clean up the connection points so the part fits snugly in place.


I texture the base with sand and gravel, and add some flagstones cut from thick styrene plastic card. Near the broken areas of the bridge, I add some bits of collapsed masonry using the remaining pieces of the tower walls, resin bits, modeling putty, and thicker gravel.


I model the base of the ruined bridge segment the same way, using up the last of the tower wall sections.


And with that, everything for the WarScryer Citadel is finally ready to prime and paint!


'Til next time!


  1. Another gorgeous terrain piece in the works ...

  2. Looks fantastic :) What are you going to do with the observatory??

    1. I've got the dome with telescope built and it's separate, so it can fit on the tower instead of the ramparts, or on this lower platform.


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