Thursday, August 16, 2018

Hobby Bingo Mid-Year Update

At the beginning of the year, I began working on the wargame hobby bingo card, and I'm hoping to have it filled n by the end of the year. Here's how things have shaped up so far:

Convert a model into a totally different unit or character–

This was the first one I completed. This guy was converted out of a Skaven warlord, with bits from Plague Marines and other Skaven models.



Make a modeled game board with integrated terrain–

The Hoth battlefield I made for Fantasy Flight's Star Wars Legion game ticked this box. The requirement was at least 2' x 2' and the battlefield comes in at 3' x6' long, with plenty of built-in hills, trenches, and the hangar.




Sculpt something on a model–

The banshees I'm working on have plenty of sculpting. On this particular gal, I sculpted her leg and the top of her skirt, as well as her sleeves.





Paint a vehicle–

I painted the three Vindicator tanks for my Black Templars army. They have yet to see action on the tabletop, however.



Buy a model and paint it within 48 hours–

I built and painted this Knight of Shrouds pretty quick. Like the tanks, he has yet to see the tabletop. Maybe once I have more Nighthaunt units for him to command, I'll put him to good use.



Scratch-build a piece of scenery–

The Wild West Exodus harbor was scratch built. It's a little more than "a piece" of scenery, however!




Make something for your hobby that's not for the battlefield–

I made these foam trays for my ever-expanding undead army. I still need to make a foam tray for Nagash if I ever want to take him to the shop.





Convert a model–

I rounded out my Red Guard skeleton units to 40 men each. The models were all converted with a combination of classic skeleton and Empire state troop parts, and a few other odds and ends.





Build and paint some accessories themed to match your army–

I painted some Skull Forge Scenics ruined shrines to use as grave sites for the Legions of Nagash, and I painted a bunch of Privateer Press souls to use as wound markers for my Nighthaunt army.




Finish painting a model that's remained unfinished for more than a year–

I finally painted this unit of scout snipers that I had kicking around. They turned out to be one of the most valuable assets in some of my games.




Paint a model for an army that you don't already collect and play–

I have been using ol' Jonny Ringo as my scale reference for all of the WWX scenery that I built, so I figured it was time to put some paint on him. I was able to knock this model out in about two hours.






I have a few projects underway– the terrorgheist and warscryer citadel will each tick a box, and I'll add a new unit to my army at some point.

'Til next time!


  1. Johnny Ringo is excellent! Lovely job, especially for a mere two hours.

  2. Love the Hobby Bingo table and the way you're deal with


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