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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Project Log: Warscryer Citadel, Part 2

In part one of this series, I finished off the detailing on the two main halves and glued them together. Now it's time to putty the seams in the rock, touch up some other details, and attach the roofs.


I have attached the stairs so that I can putty the seams when I patch up the join along the two halves of the rocks.


There are a few other bits that need some attention, like this spot on the tower wall. It will be visible when the chimney wall is attached, so I need to etch some lines into it to replicate the stone pattern.



I've also etched in more detail along the edge of the shingles.


Now on to the putty work. In addition to the seam along the two halves, there is also a line where the tower wall attaches. The stones shouldn't line up in a perfect line, so that needs to be patched with putty.


Now the line along the corner is no longer an issue:


When patching the seam in the rocks, I don't simply fill the crack; The stone surfaces are smoother along the edge, so I use the opportunity to add a little more surface texture and fill out the shape of the rocks.



To add the texture, I use a stiff bristle brush and a stone from the yard. I poke the surface with the brush to give it a pockmarked texture, and then add more irregular pitting by pressing the surface with the stone.



While the putty cures, I clean some of the other parts.


Here's a before and after shot of the detail on the side of the roof shingles.


I finish up the day by attaching the smaller roof bits. The triangular piece was sitting a little crooked, but by trimming the edge of the gap it was covering, I got it to sit properly.



I fit the chimney wall to see how much of the interior would be visible through the open windows, and if I would need to spray the inside black before assembly. The walls form a little ledge that a floor plate could fit on. I could make a floor that can be inserted into the tower, and make the roof revovable...


I would also have to detail the interior of these walls...


Do I really want to scratch-build an interior for this tower? Yes... Yes I do.

'Til next time!


  1. Please do! My local flgs has this on the shelf and, thanks to your endeavours, I spent quite a while trying to justify buying it. I haven’t caved. Yet.

  2. I've had this kit for awhile and haven't tackled it yet.... beautiful work you're doing!


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