Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Blighted Well, From Skull Forge Scenics

This Blighted Well from Skull Forge Scenics is a last-minute surprise for 2017, and the timing couldn't be better with the upcoming Nurgle releases for Warhammer Age of Sigmar!




My original plan was to release a Blighted Well, but I figured a "normal" well might appeal to a wider range of people and games, so I made a master casting of the basic well before "putrifying" it. The Blighted Well is overflowing with puss and giant maggot-worms. Woe betide anyone who falls in. (They will wish there was only a long-haired, creepy zombie-girl at the bottom!)


The blighted well is available for purchase HERE. Pick one up for your battlefield, and ring in the New Year with blessings of filth and decay!


The original Town Well is also available. I previewed this a couple weeks ago, but here is a painted example. This well may be old, but its water is still safe to drink!







You can purchase the Town Well and Blighted Well in my Skull Forge Scenics shop!
Skull Forge Scenics

Happy New Year!

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