Saturday, November 11, 2017

Making it Rain, Part 1: Construction

Construction of the Plagueclaw Catapults is finally complete, and the Foulrain Congregation is almost ready for battle...


My plans for the kitbash catapult worked out perfectly. One of the monks pulling the Plague Furnace's great censor is hauling the catapult arm into position. He was cut away from the other monks, and an extra rope was added to attach to the catapult arm. I used a power drill to twist two pieces of thin floral wire together to create a rope. This was added to the figure, and bent around a hook from the Chaos tank accessory sprue. The hook serves as the catapult release catch.



The sides of the machine were kitted out with gears and cables made from floral wire, and assorted components from my parts bin. The gears are a mix of plastic gears from wind-up toys and metal gears from steampunk accessory kits you can find at craft stores. The catapult arm was made from two pieces of thick PVC foam card, which I scored with a wood grain texture to match the plastic framework. The holes and cuts on the frame were covered with pieces of styrene plastic, punched with rivets.


The basket was made from the Screaming Bell's large brazier, the smoke was cut off and a press mold of the goop was added in the center. Some sculpting was required to blend in the goop and make it appear as though it was splashing out of the basket.


Here, you can see how the framework fits together. The monk's ropes fit over pins in the catapult arm.




The operator is made from the Screaming Bell's Grey Seer (that's quite a demotion!). His legs fit perfectly around the wheel to appear as though he's perched atop it. I replaced the head and arms and sculpted over the top of the sleeves. The Seer's bell handle was trimmed down to become the operating lever for the catapult.





The loader was made from one of the warpfire thrower weapon team members. I didn't want to make a cauldron for the extra goop like I have on my other Plagueclaws, so I decided that the loader would carry a container with a hose that he used to refill the catapult basket after each shot. I used the tool hands from one of the crew members, the muzzle from a warp pistol, and a handle from a meltabomb to create a hose nozzle. Some spare bits from my Stormfiends were used to construct the hose and other details on the tank, and a plague monk head was added so he would look the part.




The last little bit was a strand of saliva from the jaws of the Hell Pit Abomnation, which I added to the nozzle of the hose, and will connect to the basket of goop once the loader is in place on the catapult arm.


The warpstone counter weight was sculpted out of putty and mounted on a piece from the leg of a Chaos Defiler.


The end caps were formed from Skaven shields and some putty, with floral wire for the cable attachment.



And with that, the war machine is ready to roll off the assembly line.


The Foulrain Congregation is commanded by a Plague Priest, converted from the Plague Furnace's priest. I attached the top of the priest's cloak slightly off-angle so I could have his arm pointing downfield. Some sculpting was necessary to conceal the gaps and add a new hood over his head. I also removed all of his spikes to help distinguish him from my other furnace priest. The pointing hand is from a Plagueclaw crew member. The priest's staff was rearranged to fit in his left hand, and I attached the scope (also from the Plagueclaw crew). This priest would use it to sight the enemy and direct his artillery.






I'm really happy with how this guy turned out, and can't wait to paint him.

'Til next time!


  1. Beautiful work Rob. Always impressed at the detail you include in your modeling and the bravery in hacking apart and remixing models. Inspirational stuff!


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