Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sisters and Scenery

A lot of great stuff happened in the hobby community this week. The new General's Handbook for Age of Sigmar is out for preorder. It will be dropping this Saturday, but you can find leaks of the unit point values leaked online, and plenty of people have posted reviews of the book. I'll probably talk (or rant) about the Death and Skaven allegiance abilities on here at some point.

I haven't done much work on my undead in a while, but I took a moment to add a horn blower to my skeleton archers. I made the horn out of a bell from the zombie kit and sculpted the pennant with modeling putty. Then, I popped off the trooper's arm and bam, instant promotion!




My Sisters of Battle kill team is also shaping up. I finally finished all the sculpting on the remaining models:







The painting is underway, and hopefully I'll have them finished sometime this year. (There's no rush since the campaign at the shop seems to have petered out, and the focus has shifted back to 40K and now Age of Sigmar with the new handbook inbound.


Gen Con 50 has also wrapped up, and now I can show off what I've been working on for the past few months: The Watcher Hive, an alien fortress buried under the desert mountains. The Watchers are the alien race in the Wild West Exodus universe.



A city in the Iron Kingdoms, overgrown with the horrors of the Grymkin. This was a collection of terrain pieces I made for Privateer Press, themed to fit with their new Hordes faction, the Grymkin.


And the big news was Fantasy Flight's announcement of their new miniatures game, Star Wars: Legion. I made two boards for them, which were used to run demo games at Gencon.



I'll post more photos and talk about all of these boards in more detail in the coming weeks.

'Til next time!


  1. Those boards look amazing - I really like the watcher hive. The contrast between the natural outside work and a super hi-tech interior is pleasing.

  2. Lovely conversion work. I admire your dedication. The boards are fantastic, hard to pick a favourite.

  3. stunning work. I really love the character of the wild west board. beautiful.

  4. Awesome boards yet again. Looking forward to seeing more pics (and maybe some WIP shots?).

  5. Amazing work as always. I love the look of the boards....hard to explain, but they have a classic look to them. Works of art...just beautiful.

  6. Ah the general's handbook, the silly pale imitation of the General's Compendium.
    Hagen Pinxit


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