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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Progressing, Bit by Bit

My time has been spent working on terrain commissions lately, so I haven't had much time to paint. I managed to get the Morghasts' wings finished, and the hands painted with bone.


The bodies and bases are sprayed, just awaiting the final drybrush, wash, and highlight. Their extra armor bits are around somewhere, too. The unit is starting to shape up, I really can't wait until they're finished.


The next unit is already under construction– Hexwraiths. I've decided to use the barding because the horses are too plain without it.


I've also got a spare set of horses from the Mortis Engine to use as the unit champions, so the basic troopers need to match the style of horse. The ethereal clouds lifting these horses will really make the champions stand out. There was a time when I was planning to make the entire unit out of Mortise Engine horses, but that would be too costly; using them for champions works fine.


I had two boxes of Hexwraiths, so the plan is to use nine of them with the two added champions which will give me two units of five, and one spare Hexwraith, which I can swap for one of the champions to make a single unit of ten.



There are little branches on some of the riders' legs and barding, and I plan to sculpt ethereal smoke over top of that, to match the champions. I also wasn't sure about the flames on the wraiths themselves; my Black Knights already use a flame motif, and I didn't want to duplicate that. But since I've already committed to a fair amount of sculpting on this unit, I've decided to sculpt over the fire with ethereal smoke, which will match Korak and help unify all of my spectral units.



'Til next time!

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