Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Corpsemasters

My corpse carts have been kicking around without any drivers for quite some time. The reason for this was that, in previous editions, the cart could be used as a mount for a necromancer. My intention was to use the corpsemaster models to represent a necromancer driving the cart, and I never got around to building them.

Since that option is gone in Age of Sigmar, and the carts have different attack profiles depending on how the corpsemasters are armed, I decided it was time to properly finish the carts.




Since I had cannibalized many of the corpsemaster bodies for other projects, I had to convert some new drivers. The legs are from the plastic grave guard kit, and the core of the torso is a plastic ghoul body, giving them an appropriate "hunch." The first one uses the head from the mortis engine's corpsemaster. He's armed with the lash and sword. I also put together the bell to represent the "unholy loadstone" option. Getting a bonus to my own spell casting seems to come into play more than penalizing my opponent's wizards.



The second cart is covered with crows and carrion birds, so I converted the driver to match the bird theme. I sculpted an old fashioned plague mask (appropriate for someone sitting on a pile of rotting corpses), and used the arms and cloak from the plastic necromancer. The cloak's "wings" and the beak mask give the driver a suitable bird-like quality. He's armed with a corpse goad.





These rolling banquet feasts have attracted more ghouls to Marduk's ranks– I decided to bump up my old ghoul unit to 30, and finished up the two ghoul characters that I had kicking around. They're perfect for representing crypt ghast courtiers.




The courtiers are great for replenishing losses in the ranks of the ghoul unit, and combined with the command abilities and spells from the ghoul king, the unit is pretty devastating. I just need to make sure I can keep the characters alive to maintain support for the ghouls. I'm looking forward to adding in some of the other Flesh-eater Courts units, but first I have to finish up those Morghasts.

'Til next time!

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  1. These are really cool, love how the corpse carts came out!


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