Sunday, October 16, 2016

Dreadfleet: Heldenhammer and the Bloody Reaver

The capital ships are complete!


The Heldenhammer

This was easily the most complicated ship to paint in the entire game. The variety of color on the hull, the intricacy of the sail iconography, it all adds up to one long week of painting and patience. I'm super happy with how it turned out, and this was definitely the pinnacle of my Dreadfleet project. I took a few shots of the hull before gluing the sails on since the details are harder to photograph once everything is assembled.




Same for the sails.



Time to take to the high seas!







The Bloody Reaver

Despite the jigsaw puzzle assembly, this one painted up very quickly. The rocks were done with a series of drybrushing and washes. the castle was essentially two-tone, with the lighter stone walls and the magenta tops. There were lots of little anchors and cannon barrels on the rocky surface, with tombs along the sides.





The sails painted up very quickly as well, since they're essentially all bone and ochre for the banners. The text on the banners is mostly obscured once they're on the ship, which is unfortunate. The "Noctilus" sail is almost touching the sail in front of it!


Death patrols the Galleon's Graveyard!







But it's not over yet! I still have all of the little Auxiliary boats to paint before I can finally put this set to bed.

'Til next time!


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