Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Okay, I've been neglected my blog long enough. Most of my time has gone into Skull Forge Scenics business, so I haven't had much time to work on any models. The Etsy shop has been updated with international shipping options, so those of you abroad can place orders.

I've begun work on more pieces to produce, including some stone walls and skulls:




The walls will go nicely with the graveyard terrain or any medieval fantasy setting. I'm planning on having interchangeable tops and end posts to expand the set with more variety as time allows. I'll be able to use the skulls as assets on my terrain sculpts and also sell them as individual packs.

The Dreadfleet Challenge

Ugh. I haven't touched my Dreadfleet ships in weeks, so that's how the challenge is going. I think Chris has finished all of his Genestealers and only has the marines and the basing left. I've practically put the ships back in the box since I'm focused on making terrain now. Maybe I'll find some time to squeeze in a ship here or there.

Age of Sigmar

I haven't played a game (of anything) at all since the last time Chris was out to visit and we played that game of Age of Sigmar. That was in November, so it's been about five months!

GW looks like they're going to be putting together a points system for building armies, so that might be cool. Seems like it's too little too late, though. I think most people have already moved on to a different fantasy system, or developed their own tournament packs. I thought I heard a rumor that the new "competitive" tournament system was developed in coordination with guys who run the South Coast Grand Tournament, so maybe it won't be a total upset for the existing tournament scene. We'll see how it turns out. Whether it's necessary or not, most people want structure for their miniature gaming. I don't know if it will sway my group out of its current Warhammr malaise...

I think new orcs look fine. Different, but not so different that they don't match. The anatomy is slightly altered; they seem to have lost their "pot-bellied-derpy-butt" posture, but the faces look the same. The armor on the models is much more rough-hewn, which is appropriate for orcs. The yellow armor, while not the best color choice for orcs, is beautifully painted. The the shading, edge highlighting, and rusty chipped corners looked good enough to eat! I think I spent about an hour looking at close-ups of the rotations on the GW site.

One final note Skull Forge Scenics on Facebook


I have started a Facebook page dedicated to SFS, where I can post progress shots of upcoming projects and whatnot. I'm thinking of putting together a poll to see what kinds of terrain kits people would be most interested in, sort of a way to influence which of the many projects on my to-do list I should prioritize first. You can follow it here: https://www.facebook.com/skullforgescenics/

'Til next time!

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