Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Project Log: The Mortis Engine's Spectral Horde

The painting is proceeding on the ethereal portions of the Mortis Engine. You have already seen the banshees:

This week I finished the two halves of the spectral horde. The basic spray and wash was done back when I finished the Spirit Hosts, then I neglected them for a month or so while I worked on Korak. I finally sat down the other day and highlighted all the spirits. Once that was finished it was a simple matter of basecoating and washing all the metal areas.

The two halves were then glued together and attached to the base. I added the shields and moved on to basing the model.

As with the Spirit Hosts, the tombstones and skulls were painted separately and then glued down with the brown ballast. The ballast was inked and drybrushed, and the sides painted green. The next step was to spray it all with Dull Cote. Finally, I highlighted the metal bits with P3 Quick Silver and added the static grass.

All that remains is the chassis, cage, and corpsemaster.

'Til next time!

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  1. As expected, very good work. I think that it would work great without the other bitz, and sort of wish there was a WH unit like this (some sort of ghost horde/monster)


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