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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Project Log: Painting the Mortis Engine

Just a quick update this week on two of the projects I'm working on– I've gotten all of the weapon arms pinned for the Morghasts. Each wrist has two pins to keep them from twisting, and I've added a little putty around the wrists to make sure each appears to have a seamless join.




I'm working on the heads now, trying to figure out a way to attach the skull and pin the helmets on (there's no room for magnets). The pin hole will probably be visible when the helmet is removed, so I need to angle it at the back so it's not as obvious. The last thing I want is a big hole in the top of the thing's skull. Worst case scenario, I can just glue the helmets on. The shoulder and chest armor will be painted separately so I can get at all the skulls and bones under and around them.

The corpsemaster version of Korak is finished. I didn't have a suitable skeleton hand in my parts bin, so I sculpted one.



Painting is underway for the rest of the parts for the Mortis Engine.


The banshees and shields are finished. If the wind ever stops blowing, I'll be able to take them out and Dull Cote them.



Another project that I've been working on in the background is a new version of Korak himself. This guy has been a long time coming and it's been very satisfying to watch him take shape.


'Til next time!

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