Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Stormfiend Rattling Cannon Team

The first batch of Skaven Stormfiends is finished! These are the ones converted with rattling cannons. If you'd like to see the conversion process, check out these previous posts: Link



The two armored models are designed to have their weapons swapped for doom-flayer gauntlets. I'll have more on that when I finish the other armored Stormfiends.



The other models have the "core" rattling cannon arms and can accommodate a variety of weapons.



The models have the option of wielding grinderfists, which allow the unit to tunnel onto the battlefield.



The other weapons and the poses with melee gauntlets and warpstone-laced armor are up next in my painting queue, once I get through the rest of my work, of course.

'Til next time!


  1. They look so much better without the strange teal color that GW shows on their pics. Good job there ;)

  2. Well done! It looks like you take a page from Joe Sleboda.. no overcoat on your minis? They look great, just curious if that's what you do..and curious why? What advantage do you see there?

  3. Thanks, everyone! @Chris, I don't clear coat my Skaven models, but I do use it on my undead. The reason I started using Dull Cote was because the washes were shiny, and it didn't look right for skeletons to have shine in their recesses. So my process is to paint, Dull Cote, and then paint the metals (Dull Cote kills the metal sheen).

    I consider my Skaven a "quick and dirty" army. I spend more time on the conversions and then paint them using a lot of ink washes, finishing the metal and other areas at the same time. So, I don't bother with the Dull Cote.

  4. I'm curious what your flesh recipe is for these chaps...

    1. My flesh recipe is: A nightmare :)

      But it's only three colors: Vallejo Game Colors Extra Opaque "Heavy Skintone" and "Iraqui Sand" and Liquitex Burnt Umber Ink (brown ink).

      I base with the Heavy Skintone, then shade with the ink, and blend the color back up with a mix of the two, and finally blend Iraqui Sand and Heavy Skintone up to the highlight colors of straight Iraqui Sand.

      The reason it's a nightmare is because Vallejo colors have the terrible habit of not drying the same color they go on. So what looks nice wet, appears to have no color transition once dry. Which means I end up putting on many more layers and the flesh taking much longer to paint than it should. If you look at the Hell Pit Abomination in my Skaven Gallery, it's basically ALL flesh, and that model almost killed me.

      And the Stormfiends (and the Abomination) have too much skin showing to just use a base, wash, and stark highlight like I do on the little guys, so it becomes a blending nightmare, and is the main reason it's taken me this long to paint the Fiends.

    2. Thanks! That's really handy. Though I think I'll probably find equivalents that aren't quite so hard to blend. ;-)

  5. Looking great, love the look and the eldritch green from the warpstone really pops.

    Noticed the same with Vallejo, had a couple to try, its that reason one tends towards WF paints for bulk of painting and GW glazes, or washes for extra. Good to know not me though with the Vallejo paint.

  6. If that's how you want them to look, Rob, then they look great! ;)

    Seriously really love the metalwork on these dudes. The non-studio/practical paint scheme makes them look slick!


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