Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Brother Omnio, Space Hulk Terminator

Brother Omnio is finished ahead of schedule:


I knocked this guy out pretty quickly since he didn't have any hanging Blood Angels icons that needed to be replaced.


Most of the sculpting went into the shoulder pad and adding his name banner on his back.


Omnio is another model with flattened-out detail on the inside of his legs. That sculpted purity seal covers the wonky lines on the back of his grieve. 



Here are some of the detail shots. I really like his slide-out sensor array. It would have been neat if Omnio had a special rule in the game, but I guess all the terminators have those sensors; they're probably how the Space Marine player sees the "blips" of approaching Genestealers on the map.


Only five Terminators remaining! I'm definitely going to work on the two sergeants next and try to get them finished together. I'm debating whether or not to replace their exposed heads with helmets. I try to not have any bare headed Space Marines in my army (apart from scouts). But cutting away the head and replacing it with a helmet from another "regular" terminator (which would then be missing a head of his own) might be more trouble than it's worth.

In other news– I've been working on getting my Skaven Stormfiends painted. I had hoped to have them completed and photographed by the end of June but, as I'm only just finishing up their skin, that seems unlikely. They should be ready soon, though. There's also my impending freak-out over the Age of Sigmar to look forward to, but I'm going to wait until I have White Dwarf 75 and the rules (plus that free Stormclad Eternal model) in hand and I see what happens with the "warscroll" rules for existing models before I go full Jack Torrance.

'Til next time!


  1. I vote helmetless terminators. Making yourself easier for the enemy to eliminate shows character, right?

  2. Nice sculpts. Love the bone effect you've achieved as well

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