Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Brother Noctis, Space Hulk Terminator

The first of my Space Hulk Terminators is finished. I'm converting and painting one of these per month and for January it's Brother Noctis:


I've shown the sculpted details before, but I'm including them here for completeness. All of the Blood Angels iconography was removed and replaced with suitable Black Templar crosses and skulls.


The feet were magnetized so I can swap the figure between a round base for use in 40K games, and square bases that fit on the Space Hulk game board (those will come later.) I'd gotten some questions about the magnets– There are two magnets in the feet and they protrude from the bottom of each foot due to the thickness. I marked the spots on the base and drilled holes that the magnets could sink into. The basing ballast was attached around the holes, and then the figure put in place. I pushed the base magnets up through the bottom to they would meet at the appropriate depth.


Here's Brother Noctis in all his painted glory!


I've put all the marines in a grab bag, and I'll randomly pull one out each month. Next up for February, Brother Claudio! The Black Templars banner will be used to swap the cross icon for the Blood Angels icon on his iron halo.


'Til next time!


  1. Very impressive! Do you have a plan for the square bases yet?

  2. Wow that really turned out well, Rob. Are you planning on building a hulk for these models to stomp around in, too?

  3. Thanks guys! Yes, I have a plan for the bases. I'll be producing them in the coming months. I had considered making some corridors, but we'll have to see how that turns out. It would need to be something I could cast and sell, because it's a lot of work to make a set just for me, for a game I rarely get a chance to play.

  4. Great looking Space Marine Terminator.



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