Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wild West Church and Water Tower

I recently finished some new Wild West Exodus-themed terrain. Here's a look at the pieces in progress. You can see more detail shots of the finished terrain in my Wild West Exodus terrain gallery.

Old West Church



The construction uses a foam core frame, with basswood siding and framework.



The doors are my own resin-cast assets, and the windows are Grandt Line plastic accessories.



All the wiring is made from heavy gauge floral wire, with resin cast tech accessories.



The roof is covered with plastic card "sheet metal" and lifts off for access to the interior.



Water Tower 



This water tower is constructed from basswood planks.



The water spout is made from plastic tubing, with more resin tech parts. One of the best things to happen as a result of the Steam Punk craze is all the costume accessories now available at craft stores. Things like these little gears and clock faces are great for terrain.



I made the roof of the water tower with plastic strips for the support structure and wood chits, scored with a wood grain for the shingles.



Check out the Wild West Exodus terrain gallery for all the detail shots of the finished water tower and Church!

'Til next time!


  1. Beautiful stuff, as always!

    How did you do the weathering on the church clapboard?

    How do you manage to differently shade different planks, such as on the water tower?

    1. Thanks everyone! The differently-shaded boards are painted with a wash after the overall drybrushing is finished. And for the siding, the chipped white paint is applied in patches, again after the basic drybrushing of the wood is finished.


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