Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Faction-Themed Ogrun Bokurs

No Quarter Magazine #54 hit the shelves recently, and it features the next article in a series about converting and painting faction-themed Mercenaries.

This time it's Ogrun bokur. Check out No Quarter for the step-by-step tutorials. Here's a look at how the finished models turned out:

Cygnaran Bokur

Adding some voltaic coils was an obvious choice. This was also a great opportunity to use left over parts from the plastic warjack kits. This bokur's clients have been warcaster and stormsmiths, who over the years have upgraded his halberd with some voltaic tech. The Centurion shield was salvaged from the battlefield and while its magnetic coils don't function anymore it's still sturdy and intimidating. It will also make a nice trophy to go with all the stories he'll tell when returning home.


Parts List:

Plastic Centurion Shield

Stormguard Sgt Voltaic Weapon

MKII Commander Adept Nemo Staff


Khadoran Bokur

The Man-O-War parts are perfectly scaled for bokurs. This ogrun is close to securing a korune, the master he'll permanently swear loyalty to, and so he is wearing Khadoran markings on his armor and shield. Again, the spare plastic Spriggan lance adds a little more character to the model.


Parts List:

Ogrun Bokur

Man-O-War Kovnik Shield

Man-O-War Demolition Corps Right Arm #2

Man-O-War Demolition Corps Left Arm #2

Plastic Spriggan Lance


Cryxian Bokur

I wanted to go a little darker with the Cryxian bokur. The fluff in the Forces book mentions ogrun bringing shame upon themselves by serving dishonorable masters. It doesn't get any more dishonorable than serving the undead. The bokur's hands have been replaced with Brute Thrall gauntlets, likely against his will after suffering a grievous injury. He's now enthralled to the service of the Lich Lords, never to return home.


Parts List:

MKII Pirate Queen Skarre Sword

Lord Exhumator Scaverous Shoulder Armor

Brute Thrall Right Arm

Brute Thrall Left Arm

Seether Carapace



'Til next time!

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