Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dark Age Demo Tables: Painting

Cool Mini Or Not held their Expo last weekend. The Dark Age demo tables I built for them made their debut at the show, which means I can show off some painted pictures. To see the table in action, check out the CMON Expo Facebook Page.

To see the construction of the table, check out my post from a few months back: Dark Age Demo Tables: Construction

Painting the Mining Rig

All of the platforms were kept separate for painting. Over a coat of black primer, each one received a spray of successively lighter shades of grey using a mix of Testors and Tamiya sprays. From there, I drybrushed some highlights and added a little silver for wear on the metal deck plates.

The rust was achieved with a mix of P3 Bloodstone and Khador Red Highlight (orange). This was washed into the recesses around the plates, and dappled in places for specific spots of rust.



I added some spots of rust to break up the large flat sides of the platforms and around the edges of the framework. These spots were highlighted with a light grey to create the illusion of a layer of chipped paint in the abandoned facility.

The shattered windows of the control room were created with clear plastic card, cut and scored with a hobby knife.



To paint the glow in the vents, I painted layers of red, orange, and yellow to build up the glow. Then, the metal grill and frame were drybrushed with P3 Pig Iron. A wash of P3 Red Ink was added to shade around the grille and tone down the yellow hue.



The rocks were painted black, and then drybrushed with a mix of black and Bloodstone. A little P3 Gun Corps Brown was added to the mix for the final highlights.



The tiles on the heat dampeners were painted with a mix of black and P3 Skorne Red, blended from dark (at the top) to light (at the bottom). Then the metal components were picked out with Pig Iron and given the rust treatment. Finally, to enhance the glow of the lava, each platform was sprayed from below with red.



Here are all four boards together with only the ground texture and lava left to be added. 



The large chasm, with it's center column, and a few other detail shots can be seen below.



Up next, LAVA!!!



'Til next time!


  1. That lava is wonderful, do you have a paintingguide/tutorial about that?!

  2. I'll cover the lava in the next post. Thanks!

  3. That is a really nice set up you have there I can only think of one word "WOW"

  4. Gorgeous work, as usual Rob. I hope to see these in person at Gencon!


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