Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What's in the Project Queue? (Jan 2014)

I'm striving to make Tuesday the regular day for updates. Well, this is the first post of the new year, and I've already broken my resolution. But I'll at least try to keep things on a weekly schedule.

I have so many personal projects that have been piling up over this past year– New models for my Vampire Counts, the Dreadfleet boxed set, not to mention my Space Hulk and my Black Templars, which I haven't touched in ages. I have boxes of Protectorate, Khador, and Trollbloods to build, and there are a bunch of newer games that I'd like to try out.

My focus tends to be on whatever I'll be able to game with, and right now that's Warhammer. As I mentioned, my gaming group is gearing up for a league, and I'll be using my Skaven. I dragged them out of retirement for their first game in about a year. They performed very well against my friend's Ogre Kindoms army, a foe they've never faced before. The Jezzails were able to whittle away enough of the Ogre Ironguts so my infantry only had to face a few of them. I allowed my Rat Ogres to get charged by a large unit of Maneaters and an Ironblaster, which obliterated them, but I really wanted to see how they'd hold up in a worst-case scenario. The Rat Ogres dished out plenty of their own damage. I just need to make sure they get the charge whenever possible.



My attention is going to be on my Skaven army for a while, but first I want to take care of the projects that have been lingering in my to-do list.

Terrorgheist & Corpse Cart

I'm poised to delve into all the new Vampire Counts units like the the Hexwraiths, Vargheists, and Mortis Engine (and by "new" I mean "came out two years ago but I haven't built any yet") but first I need to put these two models to rest. I've finally put some paint on the Terrorgheist's base, now to finish the rest of it. 



Rat Ogres

The 4 new Rat Ogres are underway. I was struggling with how I'd handle the movement tray for them, but I've found a solution that will accommodate all eight, the packmasters in the back rank, and I've even got an idea on how to fit Skweel Gnawtooth off to the side of the front rank.




Hopefully, I can finish this one as quickly as the first one. I'll need to convert it a little to differentiate the two. Maybe I'll pick up the new Plagueclaw Catapult and cannibalize the spare Warp Lightning Cannon parts.


So, those are the immediate projects I'll be working on. I'll also squeeze the Garden of Morr and bunker tutorial in there somewhere.


'Til next time!

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