Friday, May 5, 2023

Converting Plague Censer Bearers, Part 3

The Plague Censers are almost finished...


One thing I wanted to point out after the last post, was that sometimes it's a tricky fit for the hands and flail handles. A few times I had trouble getting the arm to reach the hand. To fix this, I drilled into the center of a piece of 3.2mm (1/8") styrene rod, and then cut off slices to make some spacers for the arm. Then, these were pinned between the arm and wrist to fill the gap. During the painting, they were painted like a metal bracelet or a leather strap around the wrist.


The unit leader was converted in much the same way– I used a pair of Plague Monk hands and a staff to build his flail handle, and inserted the arms into his sleeves. (As mentioned in the previous post, the base model is one of the monks from the Plague Furnace.)



Here's what the leader's giant censer flail will look like. It might be a little top heavy, though. We'll see...



I based the models and attached them to craft sticks with double-sided tape. I tried to make sure they would rank up as I was basing them, and man, I cannot wait for 25mm bases. I would have put them on 25s, but I didn't have enough for the whole unit.



I pinned the censors into a stir stick from the hardware store and primed them white.



I had bent a few of the censer ropes as I was building, but realized that I'd need to keep track of which censer fit with which rat, and I didn't want to keep track of all that, so I left the rest of the ropes straight. After I paint the censers, I'll bend the ropes and fit them to their model. I'll have one final part for this tutorial about painting the smoke on the censers.



The rats themselves were primed black and sprayed green. I used the same process as on my Plague Monks. You can check out that step-by-step in this post: Painting a Plethora of Plague Monks, Part 2



All the rats are finished, just awaiting their censers, and some final basing:



I've been crewing up the ships for a Skaven clan war on the high seas. Clan Skryre will use the large pirate ship with three small boats, and Clan Pestilens will use the two rowing barges. If I can get these censer bearers finished, I'll add them to the Pestilens crew!



I've also got the final chapter of my Resurrection narrative written. I just need to paint the model for it and take the photos. Shouldn't be too much longer... 



'Til next time!


  1. Its been great seeing these come together- a true "glow-up" of an older kit!

    1. Glad you're enjoying it, Tom! I was thinking that another option might be to use Night Goblin Fanatics– Swap out the goblin faces for Clanrat faces, and replace the ball & chain for the censor. Might be less work with cooler poses, but definitely more expensive.


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