Friday, May 12, 2023

Converting Plague Censer Bearers, Part 4

The Plague Censer Bearers are finished! Here's a look at how I painted their weapons...



To paint the smoke of the censer flails, I used GW Moot Green, Formula P3 Iosian Green, white, and GW Lahmian Medium.


The flail tops were attached to a painting stick, and primed white.



I mixed the Moot Green and White to create a very light green, and basecoated all of the censer smoke.



At the tips of the smoke, I drybrushed a bit of white to brighten up the ends of the smoke.



Next, I thinned the Moot Green with Lahmian Medium, and washed it over the middle and base of the smoke. Once that layer of paint had completely dried, I drybrushed a bit of the same mix around the middle to help diffuse the blend from pale green to the darker Moot Green wash.



I added a little Iosian Green into the mix of Moot and Lahmian Medium, and washed it over the base of the smoke. As with the previous step, I drybrushed the color to diffuse the blend where necessary.



The final step for the smoke was to paint Iosian Green thinned with Lahmian Medium into the deep recesses at the base of the smoke.



On the censers with holes, I painted thinned Moot Green in the holes to give them a green glow. To paint the warpstone core of the other censers, I basecoated the stone with straight Iosian Green and then drybrushed it with Moot Green and then with a bit of white.



After that, it was a matter of painting the metal censers themselves. I simply basecoated the metal parts with a mix of Army Painter Gun Metal and Liquitex Burnt Umber Transparent Ink (aka: brown ink), taking care to not let the paint run into the holes.



I finished it up by painting straight brown ink along the "seams" of the metal frame to add a bit of shading, and highlighted the spikes with some straight Gun Metal.



With all of the censers finished, it was time to pip them off the painting stick, match them up with their models and paint the ropes.



To paint the ropes, I used Formula P3 Moldy Ochre, Army Painter Skeleton Bone, and GW Aggaros Dunes Contrast paint.



I trimmed the single wire at the bottom so it could pin into the flail handle, then I bent the wires to "pose" the censer flails. Once I was happy with the pose, I basecoated the ropes with Moldy Ochre, and then drybrushed them with Skeleton Bone. I finished them off with a shade of Aggaros Dunes Contrast.



I posed and painted the flails in batches of three or four so I could keep them matched up with their corresponding model. Then it was just a matter of gluing the flails together.



Here's the entire horde of 20 Plague Censer Bearers, along with their leader wielding a huge censor:



'Til next time!



  1. What did you use for the censors?

    1. They are a combination of the hanging censors from the Screaming Bell & Gnawhole kits, and a few use the Plague Monk flail with a bit of Nighthaunt ethereal bits & putty for the smoke.

      You can see the full assembly process in the previous posts. Click the "Clan Pestilens" label in the sidebar, or use this link:


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