Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Project Log: The Watchtower, Part 6

In this installment, I build a statue and shrine at the base of the watchtower.

After struggling with what to do with the front of the tower, I decide to use parts from the Sigmarite Mausoleum to build a shrine. With a razor saw, I cut the statue away from its pedestal base.


I also cut out a portion of the short fence segment.... make it the same width as the "teeth" on the bottom of the balcony. This fence will be like the teeth of the "lower jaw."


Before gluing the fence back together, I shorten its height by cutting out the bottom row of bars and some of the posts.


Now it can be in front of the statue without completely obscuring it.


I cut a pedestal out of foam core to add more height to the statue, and build each side wall out of two layers of thick artist's mat board. The walls are cut to match the shape and curve of the balcony walls.


Here's how it all fits together:


The foam core board for the pedestal gets covered in a thin layer of Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Once it cures, I carve the sides and top to be a little more square, with chips and distressing.


On the walls, I sculpt stonework, using the techniques discussed in part 5 of this project log.


For the stones on the top of the wall, I use thick plastic card, cut to shape and glued in place.


I add some stones to the tower wall before gluing the walls and pedestal in place.


The plaque mounted behind the statue is from one of my Skull Forge Scenics roadside shrines (taken from a partial test-casting of the piece).


The statue and fence are kept separate so that I can paint them and the inside of the walls without those parts getting in the way.


To add a little more character, I glue skulls around the base of the statue, as though they've been placed there as an offering.


The last thing I do at this point is sculpt the stone face of the wall. In this image, the stones have been sculpted, but I still need to wait for the putty to cure before I can finish carving and shaping them.


'Til next time

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