Monday, May 13, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam

I have a few other models to show off from the Lord of the Rings range–


I only ever painted one of the Wringwraiths, despite them being probably the easiest models to paint of all time– Prime black, drybrush with greys and a bit of brown at the bottom of the cloak, pick out the metal gauntlets and weapons, base 'em and you're done!

Gwaihir Conversion

The Gwaihir model from the Escape From Orthanc box set was a little flat, and I wanted mine to be more dynamic, with its feet hanging down. To achieve this, I chopped off Gwaihir's rear half, and replaced it with the tail and feet from a Wood Elf eagle. The parts lined up surprisingly well, and the conversion only required one cut and some putty work. I also replaced the brittle plastic flight stand with a piece of brass rod.



Denethor Aflame

I made this model to recreate the scene where Denethor is burned alive. Since the miniature was a single piece of metal, I had to carefully cut away his arms and then reposition them with pins to create the new pose. I did a lot of sculpting to repair the sleeves and fur trim on his cloak, and of course, sculpted all the fire on his back.

My miniature was featured in White Dwarf Magazine (I couldn't find the exact issue, but it's somewhere in the late 200s), and if I recall, they presented it as an alternate model to replace the "normal" Denethor when his Broken Mind special rule allows the Evil player to control him. 



Goblins and Elves

I painted a handful of the models from the original Fellowship of the Ring starter box– Some Moria Goblins:



And I made a small squad of High Elves:



The captain and banner bearer were converted from metal High Elf spear men. I added a paper flag to the spear shaft, and cut down the captain's spear to turn it into a sword.



The archers and swordsmen are plastic models from the starter set, and the spear men came in metal blister packs.



That's the extent of my Lord of the Rings collection. I have a few more models that are unpainted (including the Riders of Rohan from the Two Towers starter set that are partially painted and will probably never be finished). This game was a lot of fun, and I wish more people played it. I didn't keep up with the expansions, and never got into the War of the Ring rule set. By that time, I had left Games Workshop, and was all in on Warmachine and Warhammer Fantasy. But if more people played it locally, I could be tempted to get back into Lord of the Rings.

'Til next time!


  1. Lovely models Rob! LotR is having a big resurgence right now - it's very popular here in Australia!

    1. Thanks Dan! Glad to hear that the game is getting more love where you are! :)

  2. Lovely conversions on Gwaihir and Denethor as well as the High Elves!


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