Saturday, April 1, 2023

More Skaven!

Here's a look at the Rat Ogres I've been working on:


I've been steadily chipping away at my backlog of projects. With the completion of the windlaunchers, the last of my Stormfiend accessories are finally done.


Next, I turned my attention to the spare Rat Ogres. In an effort to make each of the models unique, I removed the claw arm from the first ogre and replaced it with a mechanical arm and weapon. I used one of the servo arms from the Galvanic Servohauler kit, replacing the tip with a metal saw blade from the old Ork Killa Kan, and added a classic Skaven shield icon on the shoulder.



For the second Ogre, I tried to use the Rat Ogre from the Screaming Bell. I replaced his chain arm with the brazier fist from the Hell Pit Abomination, and replaced his gripping hand with the claw from the first ogre. Because the figure was in a kneeling pose, I swapped his legs with the legs from the second Island of Blood Rat Ogre. In the end, he looked too scrawny, and the brazier didn't really fit with the aesthetic of my Skryre "machine tech" unit.



So, I put the legs back where they belong, and used the claw for the second guy. I also gave him the armor plate from the brazier fist and mounted a warpfire gun on it, made from the Island of Blood Warlock Engineer's rifle.



As with my previous batch of Rat Ogres (which you can see here), I sculpted fur over the flat areas where the two halves of the model join together. The machinery on the back of the ogre on the right was made from pieces of a Dreadnought and Sisters of Battle smoke launchers, with floral wire for the cables.



The shoulder pads were made from thick styrene card, and the bolts were made by attaching pieces of styrene hex rod and smaller round rod.



Next, I'll be building the remaining 15 Plague Censer Bearers. I plan to use one of the monks from the Plague Furnace as a sort of unit leader (Censer Bearers don't really have unit champions). I carved away his feet and added some plague monk feet to boost him up a bit. Hopefully he'll have a similar stature as the other models and won't look too out of place. The brazier fist should make a nice big censer flail for the leader. Maybe this guy was a Night Goblin Fanatic in his past life?



'Til next time!


  1. Ace convertions!
    Hope to perform similar surgety on my rat ogre 😊

    1. Thank you! Those Moulder scientists love to experiment, don't they? It's so much fun to customize Skaven contraptions and monstrosities! :D

    2. Exactly, keep 'em coming!
      You do great job with this bloggy btw - especially in grim and f#cked up times of mass social medias... 🤢


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