Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Legend of Lucinda Vale and Mordrak von Skorr

A Halloween tale of terror!



I finished painting the Vengorian Lord just in time for Halloween. He was a beast to work on with multiple sub-assemblies. I only managed to break one of his fingertips, and both of the little branches on his base, but I'm so happy with how he turned out. And the new Tamiya TS-80 Flat Clear worked like a charm to matte seal him.



For his flesh, I went with a blend that put it between the pallid flesh of my Ghoul King, and the brown flesh of my Varghulfs and bats. It's a mix of GW Rhinox Hide and XV-88 brown, and Formula P3 Thrall Flesh, with some washes of GW Agrax Earthshade, Liquitex Burnt Umber transparent ink.



Here's a video rotation:




Lucinda Vale and Mordrak von Skorr

Some of the most ancient cemeteries contain sprawling complexes of tombs and mausoleums. These "miniature necropolises" can be nearly as large as a small town, and the inhabitants do not always rest peacefully.

For decades, the Legend of Lucinda Vale was a ghost story that parents told their children– If you stay out after dark, the Winged Lady will get you. But this story was true. The vampire would slip out of her tomb under the light of the moon. The swarming of bats often heralded her awakening, and the wiser townsfolk knew to postpone a visit to a relative's grave or keep the children indoors if too many of the fell creatures were in the air.



The city of crypts was Lucinda's domain, and she would occasionally use her dark magic to awaken others of her kind, or to raise skeletal conscripts to fight off invaders, sometimes protecting neighboring settlements of humans, for whom Lucinda had a fondness as one would for a pet or, perhaps, livestock.



The tomb of the Vengorian Lord Mordrak von Skorr had always fascinated Lucinda, Once an exalted resting place for the powerful vampire and his minions, it had long ago been consecrated by Templar knights and their priests, forever binding him inside. She spent countless years attempting to overcome the protective wards, and eventually weakened them enough to allow him to break free. Set loose, Mordrak's thirst consumed whole villages as he reconstituted himself, transforming into a monstrous form that rivaled vargheists and varghulfs alike.



Mordrak became Lucinda's loyal servant and protector. But while she had a curious fondness for humans, he shared no such compassion. The Vengorian Lord's bestial wrath terrorized nearby towns until Lucinda intervened. She struck a dark bargain with the elders of the surrounding settlements– She would keep her servant in check –and use her undead minions to stave off invading forces– as long as they offer a tithe. The elders agreed and there has been peace between the undead and humans for many years. No one willingly visits the city of crypts anymore, and the bones of those brought there litter the steps of of the tombs. The local children are still lectured about straying too far from home and staying out after dark, but unsuspecting travelers receive no such warning. In fact, many who journey here are never seen again...


'Til next time!


  1. They all look great! Love seeing your work completed. And the backstory is making me want to run a D&D scenario around it.

    1. Thanks! It's nice to have the first block (and story) of the Soulblight force finished. The next thing to add will probably be some Vargheists to keep the "winged coven" theme going.

      A D&D scenario based around a city-sized graveyard teeming with undead would be pretty cool. I hope the party brings a cleric! (or two!)

  2. Wow! Looking great. That Vengorian flesh tone turned out very nicely.

    1. Thank you! I normally dread painting and blending large swathes of skin, bu I'm really happy with how it turned out.

  3. He turned out awesome! the background story is great as well! You took your content to even a higher level with those videos. Love the Nosferatu vibes in the beginning of the clip. :)

  4. The mods you made to those two miniatures are EPIC. The whole build looks amazing! You could literally cast the head sculpt and sell it for the Vengorian Lord. I would buy two easily.

    1. Thank you! The head is from the Mannfred Mortarch kit, so I can't recast it.


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