Thursday, March 4, 2021

Big, Boxy Dreadnought Arms

I like my dreadnoughts to be big, hulking blocks of metal. To that end, I've been converting the Primaris dreadnought into Mark V-style armor. In the previous post, I had rebuilt the shoulder armor. Now it was time to frame out the arms.


The first step was to build the shape of the arm. I cut a piece of thick styrene card and cut out a circle to fit around the shoulder mount. The circle is a little rough, but since it won't be visible, that's not an issue.



Next, I glued bits of square rod flush with the edge so there would be more surface area to attach the sides. 



To build the sides of the arm, I began with the back, making the depth of the box deep enough to cover the arm attachment.



I built the front side from two pieces of card to create the angle, and cut out the bottom to match the Mark V design.



When it came to the side cover, I couldn't get it to sit flat, so I needed to shave down the ridges on the arm socket.



Because the power fist arm and weapon arm are structurally the same on a Primaris dreadnought, I built the left and right arm boxes the same way.



I closed up the tops with more styrene card. The overall shape works pretty well for my purposes, and matches up with the older dreadnought.



I still need to sand the surfaces and corners, and then add details like panel lines and rivets, but he's coming along nicely so far.



'Til next time!


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