Thursday, April 18, 2019

Necron Quickies

This week, I finished off a few small-but-quick projects for my Necrons:


For unique once-per-battle abilities, I like to make a counter to both remind me to use the ability, and note that the ability has been used. For my Necron Lord's resurrection orb, I made a little ball, floating atop a crackle of lightning. The lightning was made by putting a layer of modeling putty around a bent wire. The orbs themselves were made from balls of green putty.


Once the putty on the wires had cured, I carved them into more angular "lightning" shapes, and glued them together into a pose that I liked.


A little more putty was added to cover the joins and blend the lightning up onto the orb. The piece was mounted on a coin and based with ballast, then primed and painted.





I'll keep the resurrection orb next to my lord as a reminder that he can use it to make another Resurrection Protocols roll. Then, I'll remove the counter once the orb has been used up.


I bought a second Cryptek, the one on foot with a Chronomatron. I painted this guy in two days, which allowed me to check the box on my Wargame Hobby Bingo card for buying a model and finishing it within 48 hours.


I added a green rod into his staff, but I think it looks a little too long. I might either cut the rod in half or replace the head of the staff completely, but that's for another time.



My Destroyers have been performing well in games, but I had been running two units of four, each with a heavy gauss cannon. Four destroyers are easy to cut down and eliminate their ability to resurrect, so I've added one more heavy to my collection and broken them into a full six-man unit with a heavy, and a three-man unit of heavy destroyers. That should give me some long-range heavy firepower with a little more survivability.


Speaking of firepower, I also got my hands on two Doomsday Arks. I'm looking forward to getting these on the table. While building them, I'll see how easy it is to swap between the Ghost Ark and Doomsday Ark. Maybe I can get a dual kit out of this.


'Til next time!


  1. I agree, the staff seems a bit too long.
    These orbs are a smashing idea and look amazing too.

  2. I quite like the "reminder tokens" idea, and plan to promptly steal it ;)

    1. I try to make anything that needs to be on the battlefield, a modeled "effect" so I don't need to place scraps of paper or dice.

      The scenery rules marked by dice in Age of Sigmar are the current bane of my existence...

  3. The staff is a bit long, maybe half as long on the green rod?

    And the resurrection orb is a great piece, and very timely for this weekend too ;)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I was thinking half the length of the green rod, or maybe swapping out the entire weapon head. Gotta dig through by bits and see what looks good. The Plastic Cryptek's staff head has a much better (and easier to modify) sculpt.


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